Island Ingenuity Tour September 22nd

Island Ingenuity Tour September 22, 10AM-3PM
Have you ever wondered what people are doing behind those closed doors and garden gates? Now is your chance to take a peek! Your neighbors will be showcasing ways they have chosen to simplify their lives, save money, and conserve resources. Some people have found ways to make their vegetable gardens more productive, are growing their own meat, or using their own trees for construction. Others have cut down on their energy bills using more efficient utilities or by weather stripping their older homes. Many are collecting rain water to supplement summer irrigation or feed wildlife ponds. They are throwing open their doors and gates on Saturday September 22. Download a map and more information here.

Ingenuity Tour Map and Guide – Click to open the Tour Map and Guide

Welcome to Island Greentech

Island GreenTech Mission Statement
GreenTech seeks to catalyze business activity consistent with Island economic and environmental ethics by:

  • facilitating discussions with willing Island entrepreneurs
  • coordinating intellectual and physical resources for entrepreneurs
  • enabling access to workspace and equipment
  • maintaining a knowledge and skills database
  • managing the Eklectic Round Table

Island GreenTech is a group of accomplished Island residents who share expertise in a non-threatening personal environment for the purpose of assisting Island entrepreneurs with advice and assessment, on a pro bono basis, on vision, business plans, mission and goals, management plans, product design and development, and marketing.

The Eklectic Round Table is an open forum for Island entrepreneurs to share and vet ideas and to make connections that catalyze business relationships consistent with Island economic and environmental ethics.It meets every Tuesday at noon at Minglement, The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie, through the courtesy of Eva DeLoach, owner of The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie, located at 19529 Vashon Highway Southwest, Vashon, WA.

If you want to donate to our current project, the Island Theater Projector, please send a check to P.O. Box 1847, Vashon, WA, 98070