Septic systems and the Marine Recovery Act


Water on our island is a particular concern for our group. We are reaching out now on the issue JOSH CHAMBERLIN, CASEY CLARKof the Marine Recovery Act. (summary of impact) We believe:

  • The issue of contamination of our sound is an issue for the island and not just a problem associated with our neighbors who dwell on its fringes. All of us are potentially contributing to the problem of contamination: on the fringes of the island, upstream, from our roads, seeping into our aquifers.  This is not a problem for just those who live on the edges of the island.  We may all be facing a similar process faced by our neighbors and could see this an opportunity to come together on shared issues.
  • This challenge is best tackled by our community. We should support each other in finding the best solutions to the issues that affect our island and the creatures that dwell on it and around it.
  • There are ‘win-win’ solutions which support our Island – its people and its environment. Lets share information and technological solutions.
  • Homeowners ability to live on their property may be at risk.
  • We can help you test your systems privately to determine whether they are malfunctioning so that you can make your next choice with knowledge. Island GreenTech can help you move forward so that you know if you have a problem with your system.
  • Our best way forward is to work together and recognize our common interests. We are weaker if we act individually.

Lets come together and stand as a community on wastewater – together we have shared information, combined knowledge (less expensive) and are a powerful force if we act in unison for shared goals.