Vashon Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA)

One of IGT’s first efforts was to assist in the creation of the Vashon Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA), another nonprofit corporation designed to foster the use and development of electric powered vehicles on Vashon. VEVA is a chapter of the national Electric Auto Association (EAA and “Plug-in America”). VEVA is a 501(c)(3) organization that has received a number of grants and gifts of tools and equipment and electric vehicles.

Working with VEVA, IGT was instrumental in acquiring by gift a Zap electric pickup for the Vashon Island School District and the installation of electric vehicle recharging stations at each school. VEVA and IGT have worked closely together to expand the knowledge and use of electric powered vehicles on Vashon. There is a significant overlap of participants and board members of each entity. Tag Gornall is President of Island GreenTech and VP of VEVA.

A Vashon crew hopes to see electric vehicles take off